Scene Breakdowns

In Write Great Fiction – Plot & Structure, James Scott Bell says, in order to improve your plotting and “jump ahead of 99 percent of all the other aspiring writers out there, most of whom try to find out how to plot by trial and error,” break down novels by scene and study those breakdowns. Others, such as Alexandra Sokoloff, advocate a similar scene breakdown for movies.

Movies I plan to breakdown include favorites such as: Inception, The Illusionist, Elysium, The Hunger Games series, Gladiator, Divergent series, Mission Impossible series, Sherlock Holmes series, Pirates of the Caribbean series, Ocean’s series, Bourne Identity series. And more.

Novels I plan to breakdown include favorites such as: The Snow Child, Nick Stephenson’s thriller series (6 books). And more.

Memoirs I plan to breakdown include favorites such as: Another Bullshit Night in Suck City, The Ticking is the Bomb, Caught in Fading Light. And more.

Print these scene breakdowns out and study them. You will improve. And read James Scott Bell’s How-to Write series. You will improve (if you do the exercises.)

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